Full, luscious lips will look extra-kissable this Valentine’s Day. Now you can have them for only $449. It’s a savings of $201 off our regular price ($650) for loveable lips to the max. 

Danik’s Lip Augmentation treatment volumizes lips and restores shape for a fullness that’s sexy enough to make Kylie or Beyonce green with envy. Best of all, there are no side effects, with  immediate results that last up to 8 months or more. Thin may be in for your body, but plump and pouty is couture for your lips. So now is your chance to pucker up and save over $200 while you’re at it.

Additional details

Treatment: Full Lip Augmentation Purpose: Volumize Lips & Enhance Shape
Results: Immediate and Last up to 8 Months Recovery: No Downtime
Pain Level: Very Tolerable with Numbing Cream Duration: 25 Minutes